Maxximum 50 lb. Ice Maker –

Maxximum 50 lb. Ice Maker

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Ice size: .75L x .75W x 1H inchesIce type: slab cubeAmps: 4.8Output capacity: 50lbs. per dayStorage capacity: 25lbsNSF and UL-listed for commercial useAbout Asbury FoodsFounded in 1998 along with Greenfield WorldTrade, Asbury Foods is the domestic branch of The Legacy Companies. The Legacy Companies design, manufacture, and market food service equipment, home appliances, and kitchen tools and accessories, placing customer satisfaction and product quality above all else. Over the years, this collective has organically developed an impressive portfolio of world-leading brands, such as Blakeslee, Excalibur, General, Kold-Draft, Maxximum, Omega, and Zeroll. With extensive experience in the commercial food service industry, The Legacy Companies have established worldwide recognition for quality products that can stand up to the rigors of a commercial kitchen as well as provide everyday consumers with unbeatable value.